My name is Diana, I am  freelancer 27 years old who live in Milan and Rome.
My artistic project has officially started since 2018. I am a freelance digital artist and graphic designer and I love art and animation. I always update myself for work and creativity. I have more certificates from the best American university schools like: CalArts, Michigan State University, MoMa e University of Colorado Boulder.
They reserve online courses for the students that are interesting in envelope their own skills and keep up date in their field.
Graphic design and digital art are my passions and not only work, I work more with digital art because I love collaborate with other artists like musician, writer, actors etc.
With time and constance I have achieved many goals and I’m really satisfied of my skills.
I am always eager and enthusiastic about the idea of continuous learning.
Getting better all the time is a rule for me.

Certificate courses:

• California Institute of the Arts Graphic Design Specialization – CalArts
• Introduction to Imagemaking
• Introduction to Typography
• Brand New Brand
• Ideas from the History of Graphic Design

• Fundamentals of Graphic Design Michigan State University

• Design and Make Infographics (Project-Centered Course)

• California Institute of the Arts

• Visual Elements of User Interface Design
• UX Design Fundamentals
• Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture
• Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes

• The Museum of Modern Art – MOMA

• Modern art and ideas
• Seing through Photograph
• What is contemporary art?
• Fashion as design

University of Colorado Boulder
• Understanding Color Theory
• Classifications of Images and Graphics
• Combining Images with Type

• Corsi Plus: 

• Le basi del graphic design con Davide Vasta
• Adobe Photoshop ed Illustrator con Alberto Comper
• Photoshop manipulation and editing masterclass con Lindsey Marsh
• Premier Pro e Adobe Indesign con Fabio Pellencin
• Adobe After Effects con Massimiliano Zeuli

• Skills:
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Power Point
• MS Office
• Excel
• Elementor/Wp

• Own skills:
• artistic and prosthetic make-up
• Marketing
• Drawing
• Psychology
• English language

For any questions feel free to contact me

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